Bar Code Registration


Barcode of Products at a Glance

A barcode is “A machine-readable code in the form of numbers and a pattern of parallel lines of varying widths, printed on and identifying a product.”
The lines and patterns on a barcode are actually representations of numbers and data and their development allowed basic information about a product to be easily read by an optical scanning device (a barcode scanner) and automatically entered into a computer system. This massively reduces the time to record products information and eliminates human data entry error.
Barcode systems help businesses and organizations track products, prices, and stock levels for centralised management in a computer software system allowing for incredible increases in productivity and efficiency.
Barcodes started out with simple 1-dimensional designs, consisting of basic black lines that could only be read by specially designed barcode scanners. However, today barcodes come in many shapes and sizes and a wide range of designs and many can even be read by mobile phones and other devices.

Benefits of Products Barcodes

Universal Identification of the Product

Provides unambiguous & universal identification of products so no two products in the world would have the same GS1 barcode number.

Speedy product Listing

Helps with faster listing of products on e-commerce platforms.

A Standard Practice

Meets pre-requisite to doing business with modern trade retailers.
Gives an international look and feel to products.

Accuracy & Faster Billing

Facilitates accurate and faster billing at retail billing counters.
Since the barcode is a unique key to identify a product (via GTIN), it can be used to identify products without any ambiguity and place accurate orders for them.

Optimised Inventory Management

With Product Barcodes, the company can use the technology to maintain accurate control over inventory. For example, warehouses and retailers can scan barcodes when products arrive and leave, to take a record of inventory. Some companies link their inventory control to online portals so that they can instantly update package status.

helps to Maintain Error Free

Enables automated data capture with 100% information accuracy. This helps eliminate human errors, offering a reliable way to read encoded information.

Documents requirements for Barcode Registration in India

  • Request Letter for Barcode allotment (on Company Letterhead)
  • PAN Card of the Applicant Entity ( for Proprietorship entity, PAN of Proprietor)
  • Copy of Audited Balance Sheet
  • GST Registration Certificate ( Optional- required in case of GST Registered)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Company/LLP)
  • Partnership Deed ( for Partnership Firm)
  • Memorandum and Article of Association ( for Company)
  • Cancelled Cheque Copy
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